This makes me feel old

That picture above sure brings back some memories. I remember back in ’92 or thereabouts when my dad gave me access to his CompuServe account. Since I lived in a small town in Iowa there was, of course, no local access number for me to dial. I had to use the 800 number which cost probably a bazillion dollars a minute. I’m sure the corporation my dad worked for at the time was paying for all this so I don’t feel too terribly guilty about the hours upon hours I spent online.

I spent most of my time in the CB Simulator; which was pretty much a pay extra per minute version of IRC. I’d also spend a lot of time in the Comics Forum. I even got to talk to Barry Windsor-Smith and Terry Moore there. Hell, I even got access to the HSX forums so I could I download nudie pics at a blazing fast 2400 baud! To this day I even remember my user id: 76104,233.

In a way I kind of miss the old online services and bulletin boards that made up my online youth. Anybody else have some memories of the online world in the 90’s?


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