New books!

I’m a sucker for two types of stories; mafia and con men. If a movie, book, whatever contains either of those things the odds are good I’m going to watch or read it. I’m often disappointed when I’m done yet I just can’t help myself. But I digress.

On Saturday I got roped in to going with my better half and her parents on a two hour drive for a shopping excursion. I went only because I was promised we’d go to a comedy club for dinner. Once we arrived at the mall her father and I promptly bid adieu to the ladies of the group and high-tailed it to Barnes & Noble. I didn’t have any books I was specifically looking for so I spent the first hour or so happily browsing away.

While browsing I came across The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I remember vaguely hearing about this book a couple years ago, but for whatever reason it never really appeared on my radar. How that happened I have no idea since everything the blurb on the back described was right up my alley. Con men! Killers! Fantasy! Intrigue! Organized crime! Plus Lamora’s group has what is easily one of my favorite gang names ever: the Gentlemen Bastards. If it lives up to the hype I’ve created for it in my head then I’m in for quite a read.

I also picked up Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero by Dan Abnett. I’d never heard of it before, but it looks like a fun read.

What books have you guys picked up recently?


2 thoughts on “New books!

    • Good to hear! I’ve been wanting to start it all day, but with trick or treating going on tonight I didn’t want to get into it and have to constantly be putting it down.

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