Locus Magazine Roundtable

Locus Magazine held a roundtable on formative reading experiences featuring Gary K. Wolfe, N.K. Jemisin, Paul Graham Raven, Cat Rambo and others. I’m extremely jealous of the allowance Karen Lord received from her mother.

No censorship – if I could read it, anything on the bookshelf was fair game, and I learned to avoid books that gave me nightmares. I … don’t understand censoring for sex. Granted, I was probably too young to appreciate Portnoy’s Complaint, but I had schoolfriends reading The Colour Purple, and we all read Roots.

Books were given for Christmas, birthdays, vacation and just because.

My mother had a list of books recommended by the Caribbean Examinations Council from 1st to 6th form (ages11-18) and she bought me every single one on the list up to 5th form (here’s a link to some selections from that list).

She also gave me a monthly book allowance separate from my general allowance (and four times as much).

I suppose it helped that all this was like leading a duck to water.


via SF Signal


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